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Man caaling with questions about his prescriptions
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Using Medicine Safely

Taking medication correctly means taking the exact amount your doctor prescribes at the correct time. While your doctor and pharmacist play an important role in helping to prevent medication errors...

Wellness Guide
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Wellness Guide

From preventive screenings, to exercise, to knowing what to watch for, the 2021 Wellness Guide highlights some of the best things you can do to stay healthy throughout the year!

Helpful doctor
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What to Know About Referrals

This guide provides a detailed explanation of how referrals help you stay healthy, when you need one, and how they work. Do CarePartners of Connecticut members need a referral? Members...

Backpacking in the Rockies
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What’s Covered When You Travel?

Whether you are ready to start traveling again, or are planning a trip for the near future, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you are covered anywhere in the world...

Woman getting her blood pressure checked
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Your Blood Pressure: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

What should your blood pressure numbers be? You’re at the doctor; they’re taking your blood pressure, and they say “120-over-80”. But what do these numbers mean? 120/80 is considered “normal”...