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Well! Magazine

2021 Wellness Guide

From preventive screenings, to exercise, to knowing what to watch for, the 2021 Wellness Guide highlights some of the...

Using Your Plan

2021 Healthy Reward Program

Earn rewards for staying healthy! Doing what it takes to stay healthy can reward you in many different ways...

Transitioning a loved one back home
Caring for a Loved One

Transitioning a Loved One Back Home

If your loved one is hospitalized, it’s important to know what to expect when he or she is ready to go home. This...

using medicine safely
Prescription Drug Coverage (CPCT)

Using Medicine Safely

Modern medicine has helped us live longer, healthier lives—but as we age we need to be careful when taking medications...

achy joints
Staying Active

How to Improve Achy Joints

Joint stiffness or pain that interferes with activities such as getting dressed, climbing stairs, or getting in and out...