Practicing Mindfulness For Older Adults

Many of us spend too much time planning, problem-solving, or worrying about things we can’t control. Especially now that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed the world we live in. These thought patterns can drain you of energy and may increase your chances of experiencing stress, anxiety, or depression. Mindfulness exercises can help you steer away from this type of thinking to focus on the present and accept it without judgment.

Five ways to practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is a type of meditation that helps you focus on what you are feeling in the moment. There are many simple techniques you can use to improve mindfulness in your everyday life:

1. Notice the world around you

During this difficult time, it can be challenging to take the time to appreciate your senses. But focusing on how things look, taste, or feel can help you stay present.

2. Find joy in simple things

Finding pleasure in simple things can truly improve your happiness. Stay in the moment, and try to bring an open mind and focus to everything you do.

3. Be good to yourself

We are often most judgmental of ourselves. Give yourself permission to treat yourself with the same consideration you give others.

4. Breathe

If you feel stressed or anxious, take a minute to breathe deeply. Focus your attention on your breathing to calm and reset your mind.

5. Learn to Meditate

Meditation is a simple and effective way to calm your mind, relax your body, and improve your outlook and concentration.

Health benefits of mindfulness

Not only can mindfulness help you feel more calm and in tune with your surroundings, but there are health benefits as well.

  • Well being—Improving mindfulness techniques can make it easier to enjoy the small moments and simple pleasures of life, engage in activities, and reduce worry over the future or past.
  • Physical health—Practicing mindfulness can help relieve stress, improve sleep, and may be able to lower blood pressure and help with chronic pain.
  • Mental health—Mindfulness techniques can help treat depression, anxiety, and substance abuse issues.

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