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Why Get an Annual Physical?

Your health can change a lot in a year, especially as you age. Seeing your primary care provider (PCP) each year for a physical is one of the best ways to stay healthy.

At your annual physical, your PCP can:

  • Find health problems early, when they’re easier to treat
  • Recommend screenings to prevent future problems
  • Review your medications, to make sure they’re correct

What does it cost?

CarePartners of Connecticut plan members can get a physical each calendar year for $0 copayment. You might be charged a copay if your PCP performs or requests services that aren’t considered part of a standard physical exam. 

Annual physical vs. Annual Wellness Visit

While an Annual Wellness Visit is more of a conversation between you and your PCP to create a preventive health plan, an annual physical is a thorough check of your health status. As with an annual physical, CarePartners of Connecticut plan members can get an Annual Wellness Visit for $0 copayment. 

What’s covered?

Have questions about what’s covered, or need help scheduling an annual physical? Give us a call at 1-888-341-1507. We’re happy to help!