Reminder: About Provider Update and How to Register to Receive by Email

Provider Update is CarePartners of Connecticut’s monthly, online-only newsletter for providers, hospital administrators and ancillary providers in the CarePartners of Connecticut network. Provider Update is CarePartners of Connecticut’s primary vehicle for providing 60-day notifications and other critical business-related information to providers.

Effective with the August 1, 2021 issue of Provider Update, providers will no longer receive a quarterly Provider Update paper mailing. CarePartners of Connecticut encourages all providers who have not yet registered to register to receive the same important content and updates in the monthly, online-only format. Failure to register to receive the monthly newsletter by email may result in providers missing important updates, including those related to payment policies.

Note: If you have registered to receive Provider Update by email but are still not receiving it, check your spam folder or check with your organization’s system administrator to ensure the organization’s firewall is adjusted to allow for receipt of Provider Update (SENDER:

If you do not register to receive Provider Update by email, you can refer to the News section of the public Provider website. Current and recent past issues of Provider Update are available here. Provider Update can be found in full PDF format as well as by each individual article.