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How to Enroll for Electronic Claims Submission

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

As members begin scheduling appointments and providers begin submitting claims, it is crucial to set up accurate claims submission processes with CarePartners of Connecticut to ensure timely processing and adjudication of claims. CarePartners of Connecticut encourages electronic submission be made directly to CarePartners of Connecticut, though claims submitted through clearinghouses will also be accepted.

Claims submitted directly to CarePartners of Connecticut must be in HIPAA-compliant standard 837 formats and include all required information. Providers who would like to submit claims through clearinghouses should contact their clearinghouse and ask that they start the process of setting up Payor ID 16307.

For more information, refer to the Claim Requirements and Dispute Guidelines chapter of the CarePartners of Connecticut Provider Manual. For questions regarding submitting electronic claims directly or through a clearinghouse, contact the EDI Operations Department at 1.888.631.7002, ext. 52994, or email